Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You say you are sorry for a few things but baby I aint sad about that
What you are saying is what I got isn't what you want every day

I got warm bed and some love songs for you whenever you are ready
I got a cold clear night around the fire with some beers and laughs
I got a good old friend here to keep you company if I gotta work the next day
And he's ok, for just about anything

We got a spring full of walkin to do, riding machines for sand dune dreams
I know you got your own thing to do and I love that
I can't have you all the time because
If it was all the time how fast we would sicken of eachother?

But I miss that day we just layed away and smiled in between my stupid documentaries
You said you sat and played on my desktop while I was all gone at work and I smile
You see I got a quiet place for you to lay your head during the day so you can be up all night doing your thing
And usually we are both gone, I work most days, him he's off and on.

You can't convince me, after I saw you experience what I am doin here, that you don't want it
At least sometimes, about as often as I wanna see a girl
About as often as I wanna go out for breakfast and spend a rainy day at home
Or go to work on repairs knowin it gives you the space you need to practice on your guitar

That you like to sing to me sometimes makes me smile
How do I hurry something like that if you don't come out here to be by yourself
Where no one can hear you make your cute little mistakes
so that you can make perfect what's already so sweet?

No one can have all of you, no one will fill your every need
I wanna hold you and give you what I have
When you had all you need, when you're ready to leave
I've got no problem taking you home

So when you don't feel like a girl trapped in a cage anymore
when you regrow those wings of yours brokedown angel
bring your beauty to me let me see you shine me a smile
we can talk for awhile, before you go home...

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