Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ah. I have realized a problem. You went cold. I mean that's fine and all, You have a great excuse if you choose to use it.

I run off of reason. If you find a reason, I can accept it and forgive.

You were hot and interested and now you are cold and distant.

Can't be with you if you can't stay heated and interested in me.
If you can't 'decide' once and for all that you are all for me.

So my obsession with you is ended.
Your heart can't be trusted by me.

Boy you are a sweet girl.
Incredible potential, that's what I saw, that's what I wanted to believe.
I could believe it.. But that in itself is scary.

I don't want to wonder. I don't want to be distrustful.
Money waster, porn star, party animal - Not a problem if I know I am the man you love the most.
ignorant of my messages? I'll fix that pal - I'm not such a fucking antsy and alone person that I can get too caught up.

hmmm what else what else was there... Oh the rush. Yah can't do that. Kind of a rolling snowball, you were bright and stopped it. Good girl

Bah and I got a kid pfft. Said you don't want those, but you also mentioned not having them didn't you? When I'm 30 she says.

Ah when you are 30.

Anyhow I think I certainly can make you happy, but that is up to you. Honestly I want you to be kind to me, I take my initiative from the women I adore. I'm a bit of a sucker.

Don't crush me?
Not so beautiful anymore
Now you look more predatory

You are a powerful woman. I wish the best for you.
God I want more of you but the price.. Yah I can say without a doubt I'll keep my distance, but try my best to be close to you at the same time.


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  3. i hadn't imagined having an audience for these.. I tend to go overboard sending message after message to potential mates of mine. No woman enjoys the wave of attention I get, and those that do get emo when I stop giving them so much attention thus I am cursed!

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