Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you gonna be Ron's woman? I'm inclined to ask you out on dates and go long distances with you to these fairs and hikes and rides and whatnot whatever.

Dates. Yah, thats what you said, you want to Date.
If you hook up with Ron, and he's under the impression you two are exclusive

I'm not seein you.
I was told this thing you had with Ron was gonna fizzle out and die.
Caused me to jump in early, figuring you burned that bridge on the way.

So how do I play with you if you go back to him?
I can't. I'm not saying choose between us, I'm down to share and I can't occupy much of your time anyways
Lots of shit I don't want to do that you want to do
But what about the shit we do like to do together?

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