Sunday, March 13, 2011

The obsession

Well I think I got this strait.
You want space because of the amount of interaction I had with the house you are in

Thats Matt with the money thing
Your sister with the sex thing
Ron with the relationship thing
Anyone else that didn't need anything or any say in your life at all

I agree it was really not needed.
Sorry, I flipped out a bit and got caught up trying to control things that are out of my control
not even my job to control all that shit.

If I wasn't interested in knowing you better I'd stop talking and try and forget.
I can't do that
I can certainly not come around
not talk about you with others
basically keep how I feel limited to myself and you.

I apologize for this afterflow, I would rather not finish here with you.

The way we came together was incredible.
The friendship is there, even if our love isn't perfect
How can it be so serious? We just got here, your life is in flux

You said something about wishing you weren't just a pretty face.
You got a brain, you speak well and are very articulate and positive.
Get your job and food card, get your car fixed, get a house and you are just an awesome person all around.

I don't need you to do anything specific to stay in my good graces except not totally cut me off.
I just met you and yes everything was rushed

So I request that we try to make nice after you get out of that house and away from those people.
So many people it's fucked in there right now.

If there is more I did to upset you please talk to me about it.
Don't act like I'm a fuck here
I'm on the outside of your life already.

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