Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I didn't make a message long enough for once. Let me start over.

Hey, I got on facebook and there was a message sayin someone responded to something of yours, I imagined it was that post about whoever that I said was obviously awesome. ANYHOW I couldn't go to it.. So I was like ok, search Steph... Nothing

And I was like WTF? Did I get blocked?
So I logout, change facebook accounts and do a search... Doesn't look like you have a facebook at all

Looks like you 'deactivated' it

I looked in my options at that, said I could turn off my facebook and I considered it, I mean what do I really do on this fb thing anyhow? share music with people? sometimes they comment other times they don't? I could be blogging..

Then I was like HOLD THE PHONE, did steph delete her fb acct? why the fuck would she do that? then all the reasons roll thru, i mean dudes can get irritating. only happens to me in a blue moon but you? TMI maybe people hassling you [like me =D] or whatever

So thats what I was asking, im not pissy or crazy.. im just curious if you deleted your facebook and why.

If you blocked me then LOL and sorry for whatever I did to spike such a sudden emotional blast! I assume its the fb msg i sent when I got home and was pissed off. My arm was fucked and I was pissy and wrote a novel. Wasteful. Another one too long..


  1. if you delete your fb account, it is saved for 2 weeks "in case" you want to come back. But of course you don't see the account.