Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You aren't gonna be able to convince me with words that you aren't a great woman to be with.
I don't need to sleep with you at all. It was great sure, but that sort of play is up to you.
Same with a serious relationship. I can't even be comfortable with the idea for a few years.
Running headfirst is totally my style, never works out. I hardly know you
You are Michelles little sister right now, becoming slowly Stephanie LeAnne.
We have so many things to prove to eachother just to feel like we are friends, let alone BEST friends capable of tolerance over decades. Is that even possible anymore?

Ron is a lucky man to be so near you. I hope it works out for him. I don't want to get in his way
Not anymore than I already have >.<

I'm over communicative to a fault.
I just want to be clear

When you want me, I'll try to be available for whatever
I want to see you stable and empowered.
If I can help please let me know.

What transpired between us I consider a TOOL.
I realize potential love at a level beyond mundane is possible. I took my frozen heart and thawed it.

I might fall in love again. I might not have to fake it just to end up feeling cheated by my high expectations.
I might as well prepare for it. I should probably keep myself up, get back into yoga, singing happy songs, empowering passionate songs instead of 'oh how i long for the past' songs. Jesus I was living in the past.

I'll draw and write poetry. It's for you right now, as thanks.
You are an idea, a woman with many brains and talents and good looks, who knows what she wants when she wants it and has some ability to do higher level reasoning.

There are more out there, and I am not hopeless or pissed at women anymore.
It was my own fault.

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