Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gotta convince you I can't go crazy so that I can see you again
The concept is crazy cause when we lock eyes you know its electric
Its easy for you from way over there to act cold and distant
It will take more than this resistance to keep you out of love with me

For you and I there is more than what you want to believe which is why you have to rationalize
Everything that you just took the time to explain, about how bad you are for me and all this
It kills me, I know you said don't wait for me, I happen have little else going on
I was full of pain and regret from my past and now I am not

All that I desire is to give you what you don't already have.
I have a place of peace and the door is open to you
I have a warm quiet room where I often lay upon a rainy day
And yes often here I think of you

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