Wednesday, March 23, 2011

big ifs

IF you move in, being my girl is not mandatory
IF you aren't the only restriction is richie is not coming here ever


IF you do, we share a room, baby gets a room, but we don't have to share the bed. I would sleep on the floor and move the computer out. I'd store most of my stuff and let you have it be more your room than mine.

IF we do get back together I would consider saving and moving to another place

IF it's too soon for all this rubbish that is totally fine. I do not yet have my hopes and expectations pointed towards our return to togetherness.

That is on you. My choices are easy to make. I feel like I have had you put in a box with my child since we talked about one of us having her full time. I can't imagine watching the child without you, I don't get her to eat right wash right or mind. YAH I'm working on it but you do so good

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