Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Even when I feel pain towards you I am driven to write. and with this final blow I find more insanity than I imagined. How could such a picture be painted? Such a beautiful thing driven so mad by her own lack of problem solving skill? I was sure at the beginning that I could handle this female flip floppy shit but in reality I never could. The unknown frustrates me more than anything I could possibly know for sure and hate. I don't think our interactions could get worse. I mean YAH they could be horrible but the bare minimum of interaction is being cut. Like a slow ugly thing that was rotten and stinking anyways, holding onto that corner in the fridge, being moved around, shoved back and turning green.

So what now? I'm full of hate for everything and everyone now, do I continue to die in this feeling? How can I cut out something I just formed and made a part of me? I'll pretend it loves me? Make it something else? Just not be Co-dependant about it one single bit. I assume that is the solution, foolish to give that power over

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