Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From this distance it is easy for you to be cold with me.
You are open and warm. I want to spend time with you but I don't want you convinced that I am crazy about you. How can I be after what has happened?

I want to be, sure, but doesn't everyone want to fall in love?
And sure, you blow money, party, fuck other people, gone alot... None of that matters to me.

What matters is where you have your heart, what matters is knowing after you, I am next.
You always come first, then everything else. priorities.

I'm not talking today or tomorrow, it's a goal.
You stuck there with no mobility? I'm not very interested. All my wants are shit at this point.

You can fool yourself into loving anyone. You can reason away anything.
I'll never forget who I saw you to be. The good and the bad qualities all come down to one point.
Can I trust you to be open and honest with me no matter what?
I don't want to see you treat me like I can't take the truth.
I don't want things hidden from me.
The things I can't handle are absence of understanding.
I can keep myself from going on and on trying to reach you, if I know when I will talk to you again
If I know you want to talk again. If I know that you need me, if I believe that, then I am calm

Being new to me how can I know those things?
How can I find trust?

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