Sunday, March 20, 2011

thank you

you never see this for good reason. part of the lesson is to not go overboard. to not overpress and run headlong into things. I can say you are different and you were but my actions did not show it. Nothing prudent happened and I ran just as I always do through the same motions. I said too much too fast in too many ways. In every way I can. Now all I can do is feel good that you were smart enough to explain to me exactly what I did wrong

That is what makes you different. That and of course the fact that we do continue to speak, which I can't say gives me hope for you and I but hope for me of learning more, relaxing my foolishness and maybe using you to understand far more about myself than I could ever learn with another person

The lessons go on. I also need to pay more attention to the motivations and perceptions of others. You said I almost tore you away from all of them. I need to really realize this is true and how it happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Blast the drama. I just made it worse. By not letting it go, by being stubborn and not giving time where time was needed. Once my intent is known I must let it go.. Let it go and move forward

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  1. resentments are a terrible thing to hold on to. it is like giving poison to yourself and expecting someone else to suffer