Thursday, March 17, 2011

Also you said not to share your work. Asked me to tone down my talk of 'us' which went from awesome to nothing in a week.. You say we 'never' can work - absolutes to tear yourself away from the insanity we formed in mere days.

Yah it was foolish and we are both over it. I dunno why i said you could come do it your damned self but just realize I don't feel comfortable where you reside and probably will never again.

Not with Ron, not till he tells me he was mad but forgives me for jumping into something I personally feel was irresistible.

All this talk about how we can't work just sounds as foolish as us talking about being together. Sounds as foolish as you being with Ron after you said you didn't feel like he was right for you anymore to me.

Justify your conviction. I am supportive of whatever you choose to do.

Probably acted rude because the idea of fixing your images was silly in the first place, maybe i shouldn't have even offered. You are a big girl you got this =D

I'm not gonna learn anything new about you from this distance and I'm ok with it.

Thanks for the images, but just like you mentioned, it isn't what I am looking for with you. If you are going to be serious about Ron I'll see you when it doesn't work out. If it works out then I'm just the fuck who got in his way.

What a fool to believe half the things you said we had in common, what a fool I feel to think you would be so insane as to give up that place you are in to be here in this house away from everything.

I just wanted to help michi's little sister, like I would any of your household I believed could repay me in some way and not be a financial drain, not be dramatic.

If this keeps being about how I'm hurt or something, then you are missing the point. I love all of them and would do anything to help YOU because you are connected to THEM. Yes I hardly know you but I feel connected to you by association. They gave you a bunch of things and when I started to come around I felt welcome to give you access to everything available to me.

I still do, I feel that if I can help you in any way get on your feet that I should, that I would love to without any sort of obligation whatsoever on your part. Thru this whole thing the points I wanted to drive home were how good you turned out looking, that I am happy you are here in town, and overall I believe that you deserve a nice life. You appeared to be a keeper, and after you name off all your flaws you are still bomb.

I got alot of attention, when I place it on anyone I go overboard. I don't have to but I do. I am addicted to text messaging for reals and am eager to please anything that pleases me.

So I'll leave it at that.
I'm sorry for being so akward about all this, it is really alot more than I anticipated in alot of ways. I stepped into something I didn't really plan on stepping into and instantly felt terrible about it, but at the same time felt that I still needed to push forward and offer a helping hand. Making mistakes socially doesn't fix little sister's problems.

Sounds like you want to chill, but not right now and REALLY I'm uncomfortable spending time with you in person if you are gonna let Ron fall in love with you.

I'm still not doing well with this interaction in anyway.
I'll finish with this and you can contact me if it pleases you.
I'll do my best to respond in a polite and positive manner and be within your personal preference.

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