Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You lookin hard for a place to go? I'll do whatever I can to help you and my child. Living here is a big step and I'm not gonna push it on you, after you stated that shit about bein a chicken I choose the things I want alot more careful with you, like that song 'good enough'

"careful what you ask of me, because I can't say no to you"

This clean slate thing, still foggy. If you explain it better I would be very interested.

Some things don't go away. Like our debt. But many things do go away I suppose. Are you asking for forgiveness?

Are you saying you will forgive me for the terrible lie and sin that took you from me initially in the Iron home?

Dominance was an issue, I assume equality will have to be made a strong chain between us.

The conditions are consistently proper for you to return, but this will happen again and again. If you come back soon, before I find another shiney object you wont see how I change my stance with the new girl to support our ongoing intimate and serious friendship.

Lots of motivation to not get together I assume. I said things I believed at the time, takes time for me to catch up with my emotions