Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just tell me one more time why we aren't communicating?
Details would really comfort me.
You have been sweet up until you were off in Seattle just a few days.
Then you became cold and distant.
You blew off our day together, I wonder, did you mean to hurt me with that?
Did you avoid telling me that you weren't coming
that you didn't want to be with me that day?
When did you decide all this?
What triggered this change?

You said alot of very positive things in the short time we spent together.
Maybe you said too much.
I know I did and not just to you.

You said that was the problem.
Tell me if I can stop talking with others about you that this can go on
Tell me if I don't rush you into anything that when you get on your feet you will come out here and see me

I want to sing those songs with you and do these barter fairs.
The only other person I know for fairs is Zak Puckett and he's from Eastern Wa...
currently in jail
I want to listen to what you have to say,
I want to hear you tell me about your weekend up there...

You thaw me.
I promise not to freeze up without you
But you are bomb.

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