Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It looked easy so I did it. Doesn't seem so easy now, why continue?
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    • Patrick Joseph Reynolds 
      And go ahead, rationalize in a paranoid manner that I will accept anything to have you again. That overall I am a shallow individual with only a craving to have back what I have lost. Not that you have any character. Not that you have any substance because how could I possibly percieve that? How could I possibly place value upon things a mass of past people have discarded as silly lovesongs and fanciful thoughts of rubbish.

      Keep your armor strong and run wild, because freedom is all a woman wants these days and to be chained to a man is for the old and the wise, which you certainly are not yet, may never be

      yet your substance, your abundance of wisdom, at your age will always amaze me and humble me, even surrounded by skeptics and nay-sayers I will see you for what you are.

      A smart and beautiful driven creature, a wonder and a blesssing to my life and expression
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    • Patrick Joseph Reynolds And I'll save opinions and judgements for others, I am here to support the choices you make and the things that bring passion into your life. Not what is safe or 'right'

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