Monday, March 14, 2011

Part by part reply, and thanks for this. I tend to assume the worst over a period of silence as I'm sure you can see.
 I just don't want you thinking that there's hope of us being intimate.

Friendship with me is intimate. I think what you mean is that you don't want me attached and hurt when you do what you want. I agree, do what you want.
The sex thing and me being "gorgeous" is always the main thing.

The main thing is your talent with music and just talking with you. I don't want to have sex with you unless you want to have sex with me. Just like you, I have been beautiful and killer in the sack for quite awhile.
treating me like I'm your wife on the run or ignoring you wasn't cool. I like my space and I wanted to show you that I'm a busy girl and not at all connected to my phone most of the time.

Cool. Wont do that again. I just don't see the people around you assisting you, didn't you drop all your money willingly and lavish them with weed and booze for awhile? I just figured you would have help with your car by now and your sister would have helped you find a place. YAH i know the life around them is chaotic and YAH i know in time with patience and perserverence you will have all those fucking things back but srsly your car is your lifeline imo. But yah not really my problem.
You can not get used to it trust me, I could tell.

Don't be silly. Give me a chance on this. But I can't really enjoy you in your current situation. You get out of that house and I'll try to make nice again
I am being too honest right now I feel so I'm gonna go.

NO. This is bomb. you are bomb, don't worry about it you are super sweet so far.
I do porn sometimes, I like to party.
I don't want kids. I am a nomad. I'm not sure when I'll ever actually get my shit together.
I spend my money like wildfire. I think you made me out to be your perfect girl when I'm actually not.

You do porn? I didn't see those pics. Whatever dude I'm not worried about who you fuck or what you do when I'm not around you. I do give a fuck when you change plans without telling me. You did that, and so far its the only thing you have done that I didn't like and my response was a huge wave of text, nothing more.

You aren't perfect sis, but you are a cut above the rest and I feel you should be rewarded for that. I roll out the red carpet for you to come into my home because Michelle has my full trust love and respect thus by proxy I assume you two are similar in the important characteristics:

I has decided a Nelson girl will never cheat or steal from a partner - When single, beautiful crazy moments surround her and I cannot help but adore the specific talent Michelle has always had of making me smile.

I don't want to be in a serious relationship. I just want to date people, figure out who will make me happy for now and eventually I will find that right person.
YAH ABOUT THAT - we got some shit to go do. If Puscifer gets up into this town I wanna go with you. If you catch wind of a barter fair I wanna go. If you wanna take me with you for some of your modeling shit IM SO FUCKING DOWN cause I've never done alot of these things and when I did I did not enjoy the people I went with.

I am a drifter and a dreamer and it never stops.

Fuck yah. You are awesome.

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