Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You become alot less attractive to look at online. I do see your pictures every day and I do enjoy them for sure but with my new experience of your sudden cutting off my intimate connection with you, you become less of a dream and more of a succubus.

Take for example the way we fell in. Major problems for you at home. I was a bit rattled but overall probably could have said nothing and done nothing and been fine leaving you to take all the heat for our actions.

Still how could you not know that boy would be in pain? I am in far less pain than he is. I know and relate to you better I imagine, tho that could just be me wanting and assuming not actually knowing. My life is not in shambles and I don't have any problem finding people to hold and say I love you to. My system is almost total.

Ron's isn't. You knew that.

Now in my case, I just want to stay away. YES I would enjoy everything we were doing before, but not at the price of Ron's pain. Just seeing him, or him knowing you are gone from there and here with me is gonna hurt him. Oh boys.

There are some other issues surrounding your sister. she's gonna worry about you, gonna tell you not to get into something serious. But she's in something serious, and so is Matt, everyone wants to be with someone eventually. Doubtful I'll run accross anyone that I have more interest in.

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