Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I don't wanna be with you, if you don't wanna be with me sis.
Thanks for the strong replies

I'm happy for Ron. Wont see me over there for quite awhile. Either he's gotta reach out and forgive me or I'll ease into not feelin akward around him. Doubtful at best.

All your bad qualities aren't bad right now, and the ones you know don't suit a single partner relationship you may or may not grow out of. I am indifferent.

Friendship was and will always be the goal. I dunno if this makes sense but bein hooked on you ties more to your family and our circle than to you specifically. I offered you a -seperate room- in this house, Casey was the fgt that said you gotta be in my room THINKING how cool that would be, when it just doesn't make any damn sense. 2 people's shit doesn't fit in this little room and we aren't together, we hardly know eachother. But I do know your sister who always pays her bills and is easy to get along with, so I trust by proxy all nelsons and would do anything for them.

So yah I want you here all the time, for you. I work and have other stuff to do, not just you. You need space and internet time and out of that place. I can't fix your car but if I could fix it for sure I would have pushed harder to get it done.

I am very loving and overly giving if I can be no matter what. All of these offers still stand and were there from the moment I knew you had any trouble. I don't want to save you but I'd do anything to help a friend, even if it compromises other friends

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