Monday, July 4, 2011

tell your girl I said "emotions run strong through your life, friends and boyfriends tend to slowly or quickly vanish but no matter how you treat your family they will always forgive you. Try to take the wisdom of everyone of us who has seriously been where you are, at your age, and really really try to remember that your life will not be the same after school ends. I hardly feel like my life started till I had my child, and I will live at least another 40 to 70 years. It seems like forever, everything is exaggerated and dramatic in school. There is so much pressure and it seems very overwhelming and certainly unnecessary! Find a way to cope, find it in music, find it in art, find it in a sport. Do your best not to sit around and mope or fixate on the parts of your day that you don't enjoy and have to do. No one enjoys life all the time, in fact most of life is painful and sad. If life was just how you wanted it all the time you would not come to appreciate those moments that are good. ITS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT JUST CHILL OUT MAN."

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  1. and we'll all float on ok :) good news is on the way