Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh me

My phone sucks and it is kind of late for me to talk to anyone verbally. I was thinking of moving into town, I work at Chehalis Sheet Metal and currently reside with a good friend I went to highschool with out in Adna. Anyhow I have a cat and he's got a girlfriend now and they purchased DOGS, and she has 2 kids and really they are wild boys. I have a little girl who was using the extra room, which now has bunks for the boys. They aren't here all the time and if I am patient I probably get the house she purchased to rent but its over 700 dollars and I don't really enjoy the idea of paying more than I already am.

My baby girl is super well behaved. She stays with her mother during the week and I go down to Oregon and get her every weekend that I possibly can. I am chained to my job and some substantial bills from my relationship with the baby's mother. We get along fantastic, the state has no paperwork between us and the future looks similarly peaceful. I want to move into town to cut down on my daily driving. You like to cook? I like to eat read watch movies, work out [I walk in the mornings as I wake and would like to get back into yoga... but I do roof full time] play cards and listen to music very loudly, I have headphones which I use to keep my loudness inside my head <3 Sadly I have no interest in crochet.

If we share pantry items I am a man who ignores what he eats and buys, reminding me works fantastic! I love to repay and I enjoy criticism. Scary I know, I aim to please myself, I aim to please others if they let me know :)

I do not party. I do not have guests over often if ever. I am not in an active dating mode, I am a picky man who keeps to himself, polite and civil to talk with when approached. I tend to hide in my room. I have been leaving on the weekends, my poor cat must hate it here, I am never attentive to him with all the chaos entering my home.

August is a bit early for me to be moving. I am not on a lease and I am starting to look for a place to go. Tell me about parking and fridge space. I live off of frozen fruit smoothies, cheese on tortillas and oatmeal.
Also highly prone to taking oatmeal bowls and utensils to work in the morning. You may have to question me about the lack of spoons in your kitchen. Sometimes I make eggs and leave the pan, after all, I am just going to return and make more eggs....

Boy am I rambling. I wake up at about 4am and walk. Then I usually work all day, unless it is pouring when I wake up, then I have the day off and I tend to clean myself and my space, then waste as much time as I can staring at this computer screen without eating or moving. The job is hard. It is great to do nothing. I could be social. I could help entertain/educate/explore life with you and your kid. I have a nice car and am always looking for new ways to be a good father to my own child. I have been overly self centered in the past, when I was around siblings or other children. Now that I have my own I do my best to maintain her but of course feel I fall short, I want to be better for her future =)

I'm gonna shut up now

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  1. I know what sucky phones are like man...I have one. lol.