Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my high horse

I gave a shit big time for you. I don't know why. You have blundered like this more than enough times to fill all the toilets in my county with bullshit.

Lets take a moment to explain first to my beloved readers HI fucking drama with baby mamma. IMAGINE THAT. So this guy who was with her before I was starts sleeping with her at parties I'm not into while she is still in my house but we are very certainly broken up. I still get mine, but when I realize what is happening I flip out more in my head than anything and force her out of my house by the end of the week

So she's going to vegas for her birthday. Cool. I'll take the child, I'll take her and her ugly friends to the airport, I'm already there, its on the way back to my house. np.. Also, I am not hateful, one is attractive, but the other 2? bleh. WHAT A SHAME Anyhow I get there an hour early, specifically I avoid said exboyfriend of hers like the plague, we BOTH FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE around eachother tho we are polite. So he comes in before she gets there, says hi, nice hair. I'm like othx bro bro how you. he's like fine, gonna shower. I DO double take thinking about it, but say. Sure go for it. Not my house fuck if I care. So I go out and start to rummage in my car and doodle. Odd to be alone in the house with this guy nude even if he is upstairs in the shower. She comes and rushes past me... which was easy since I was still doodling. Friend says "Don't be mad she needs to shower before we go" NICE. Get into the shower with that ex while I'm here taking you out of town soon? Cool, didn't even know he'd be here or I wouldn't be. I say nothing to anyone. I clean out the Jeep I share payments on with her, yet never drive since I live 90 miles north. It's filthy and keeps me out of the awkward house situation. My daughter is now present YAY I distract myself with baby. Shower ends but the pair stay upstairs. The other two 'ladies' depart for some 'quick' chore. I lay on the couch and hold my twisting stomach. The pair stay upstairs, baby mentiones to me that they are upstairs and im like 'YUP' and baby is like, ill go get mommy. I'm like 'go for it' so she goes up there, and she's like 'dad is downstairs' an im thinkin baby knows its awkward too.. I go upstairs but into baby's room to collect her things so we can go. I go downstairs. Still no ladies back from the mission. We are now 10 minutes from the time they are supposed to be entering the airport, thus me heading back north home, on a deadline. I woke at 4 am, worked ROOFING all day till 3 then drove strait south for 1:30 mins to wait while my ex and her ex took a shower when we were supposed to be commuting to the airport. BEST DAY EVER. But really. I am ok, I should have KNOWN better, everything points to me keeping away from this woman, I just hate feeling like THAT GUY who was with a woman five years but was totally with a person so opposed to the way they think that they seriously get into horribly bad situations and then blonde up like "Oh oops"

When I go into the baby mommas room, the ex is on the bed face down. He's prone, open to attack, a male sign of submission alot like the one I was giving downstairs on the couch. We would rather act like zombies than interact for her pleasure, I am very sick to my stomach. I muster a smile and say "i didn't know he would be here, can he take you to the airport, cause we are pretty late and I have to drive 2 hrs to my parents before I can go home and shower and go to sleep and wake up at 4am again.

The man, looks at me, says "I can do it but the stuff will be really cramped" Thank god he isn't an emotionally sadistic fuck like she is. When I caught them together I called him instantly. He says into her phone "whats up buttercup" and i laugh. He says "oh shit man, hey I am really sorry" and im like "just don't fuck her here ok?" and he's like yah im really sorry and im like done talking to him on the phone. We see eachother a few times, its awkward, we shake hands whatever. She bangs him and not me, then bangs me and not him. Now she's banging him and not me. I hope I don't get desperate and do it again.

All this rage and I snap, I think "man life is just a story and this is just my story and it isn't that bad" I get my daughter and get the fuck out of that dramatic awkward shit. I rush home hoping to share all this shit with you and feel purified

Maybe. Thx

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