Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I look back and did some dumb shit involvin your sis. Really do feel enchanted by her. Not dumb puppy love like you may imagine. I tell you cause I am more than sure she's aware. Tellin you cause you are a jerk for tellin her anythin other than I was a great guy. Jerk. I'm sure it was with your highest level of love and whatever, can't blame you. Just really makes me sad that you could possibly believe I don't measure up. Keeps me away, after I fucked with two perfectly dysfunctional relationships in our circle. Mentally retarded of me in every viewpoint I can take. Might be done lashing out about it. Maybe I'll visit. Probably not, Everytime I see Jessie I get a tight knot of shame in my chest. Rightly so.

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