Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jewish single roomate under 25 with no children

I hear that room is still open. I dunno how you feel about me moving in, reservations about my child bein about and such. You are a nice guy and I am not desperate to move at this point, but I would love to come to a possible compermise. If not visiting is fine and I will find somewhere else to stay near there. Either way I'll be around with my child most weekends that I can, BUT I think if I moved in I'll have my sister or my cousin or my grandparents babysit on the weekends so that we can all rage and catch shows. I know Allie was kinna sad Nate couldn't go. Price of being a parent is sacrificing so much fun and wildness for someone who doesn't listen very often and breaks all your stuff :)

So maybe in the next 5-6 months I'll be moving close by. Again, you are a cool guy, Nick is awesome, haven't seen much of the pizza guy yet, but if there is ever anythin I can do to help out, just let me know and I will do my best


  1. that would be funny if the guy you were writing this too read this. lol.

  2. yah Zomb thats what its for tho, so i can proofread. I like the rawness of my writing but others... well they don't. I'll make sure to keep up with your site and prolly electric's I keep falling off the face of the blogsphere into real life... bah.. Thx for the comments, it does mean alot <3