Wednesday, July 13, 2011


How could you even for a minute believe that this wasn't possible? Do you not remember when I turned my focus on you? How quickly you fell, and you think this woman that has been so close to you, watched you suffer and drown in extacy with me would be afflicted with a disgust for me?

There is an edge I haven't taken, I haven't even given you a moment of my agression and may never. There comes a moment when everything becomes possible and this thing will soon be possible. If I rushed it then I did but this moment was coming and there is no denial of that fact. IT IS VALID.

You are beautiful, since I have met you, I have watched you with these half creatures, that adored you and fawn over you and that is definitely not what I am. I am not here to be saved or to learn from you, you are not my priestess you are not my goddess and I would not dream to think myself your emperor or your fool.

I want no relationship with you, I don't want to be there for you when you are in need of money or entertainment. I am here to sate you. I am here to give you that thing which no one could possibly give like I give and you have heard how it is. You know details that need not be known to anyone. How could you possibly not wonder? Not want this thing so far detatched from your reality?

I offer moments on call. I offer to come there and appear beautiful and positive, full of energy and ambition to take you and sate every inch of you. Then as your will allows push me away. It is always the same with a man who does not wish to be had. You will want me, you will wonder what if to yourself and suddenly crave those things that you have been avoiding as you have with all these other animals and the betrayal. the mysterious lust of sin will overcome every inch of you again and again till the paradox is too tightly wound in your psych to ignore. At that time you will sever the connection, knowing that I am relentless, I am persistent and I am unending in my desire.

From a distance I easily come and go without notice. This is therapy. I will talk with you about you. I will listen I will give unbiased advice from an outside perspective that is unlike that of the rest of your world.

I can be that if there is no lust in you, I can be both, I can as easily be many things, as many things as you can request and try.

Ah, and maybe it is all impossible but to not look? To turn away because of promises made years ago under a different light and far different expectations? I say run afoul, take the leap and if it falls flat on its face I will know instantly. Swallow my pride and leave immediately without feeling some kind of remorse or discomfort for defeat. I lose all the time. The victories are always sweet.

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