Thursday, July 28, 2011

nah its all good. HOLY FUCK I just got called a stalker. then I look at my life, and all the people I know and the way that I talk to them and its probably true. I think I tend to be overly attentive and agressive about communication. I suppose each person draws this line in a different way... but really the bitch is sure i am obsessed with her an im like 'no really i am this curious about everyone and i interact with you less than anyone else I know, so basically i am more of a stalker to everyone else in my life...' but she's got BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and my buddy Toby was telling me to keep the fuck away from her because she would fuck up my world. I am starting to believe he is right.. The bitch is chaotic. She's like HEY DELETE MY FRIENDS FROM YOUR FACEBOOK and im like uh... we don't even talk about you i didn't even know they were your friends... LOL shit is wack... sorry for dumping this on you

Lol ok wait, now I guess there is a good example of that here on blogger. Zomb you reply to many of my posts so I check your page every time that you send me a reply. Since I never post any music to my main blog I get few replies if ever. The only blogs I really care about are the trance ones, I can't stand falling and electric addict and that other guy I can't recall. I'm sure if he reads this he will roll his eyes. I was watching one other guy, the LoL guy pretty intently then I stopped playing LoL.

I love electro and I love that you read my shit Zomb, I haven't found much on electric addict but i did look. I used all the internet powers and found he has some other pages but its all free info and he did put it all up there and I haven't really used it at all I don't think. Might have tried to email him once. Lowest end of stalker spectrum. That doesn't say anything about the multitude of people that I have known and the amount of time I happen to spend just staring at this screen roaming and running into memories of past relationships and then getting into whatever internet zone they are a part of and picking it apart.

I'm not sure when it becomes creepy. I think most the people I know really like it. I am afteral not a rapist or serial killer. I don't sing horrible or try to drag these people out to anything they don't want to do or anything at all. I am a pretty self defined hermit.

Makes me mad tho. That woman drives me crazy and inspires me to write and not just about love but pain hate relaxation tension nature music etc... Goes on and on like a rollercoaster. I got a one track mind and that track is vast and fast.. Very little else in my life is vast or fast cept my mind lol.. once you get a snowball rolling it gets unstoppable. I mean yah i could shut the fuck up but WHY... so silly.. Anyhow off to read Dance with Dragons because its 1000 pages long and I'm close to 400.. 100 pages a day :)

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