Tuesday, June 28, 2011

it comes again...

there is a sensation that occurs when you become close to me that I cannot properly describe because it is beyond words. 

I feel lighter and colors brighter. 
I feel safe and optimistic 
I feel alive and strong. 

I want everything for you, I am dying to 'save' you or help you do whatever it is you want to do, just keep me near so that I can continue to feel this feeling. 

I have lived long and experienced many people. 
You are the one. 
You are the one here and now and I know it clear as day. 
I feel so ashamed to share this, so fearful and already sad as you read it. 
I know you are afraid of whatever the future can throw at us, that it can in fact ruin our lives both in so many ways and be such a tragic downfall. 

Every horrible death, every terrible moment that could come to pass is worth just another moment with you then to be void of you for the rest of my life. 
I will never forget or not understand. 
I will always know that you do know that I have loved you in the most pure way. 
That our experience is one of beautiful innocence and uncanny bliss. 

If there was one word to describe us both it would be indulgence. 
We have reveled in the grand scale of emotions that surround us and survived. 
It is the eye of the storm when I am with you, every moment away I am battered by the world and lost. 
It just isn't the same... 
You do not believe, you do not want to believe, to get your hopes up in this feeling you get when I am there with you. 
It is too good, it is too powerful. 
It is too much and you will never find it anywhere else. 

Yet if you do you are the most blessed of all mother earth's creations, 
I dare to hope it is possible to keep this feeling forever even when you are gone. 

That the idea and the essence of this thing we create is powerful enough to live outside of us and flood into our realities, to emanate from our pours undefined and wash those around us in the light that shines because of our connection


  1. Great read, thank you for this.

  2. few too many words here, could you put some paragraph breaks in to make it easier for us to read? (just some constructive crit :) )

  3. came back and read it again, much better formatting. flowed so much more. enjoyed the read, keep it up man!