Sunday, June 19, 2011


I thought of an example of awkward texting with this girl. So we are texting along, I've been telling her she is beautiful for awhile and that i like what she says and thinks she's smart etc... which is mostly true, she's not a moron or anything but the subjects she chooses to speak about are less about her and i and more about what she is interested and even when I'm like 'meh' she rambles on.

OK so then she gets down to telling me how she is in bed... COOL great news, so I bitch about not even seeing her in person, so why the fuck are we talking about bedside anything? Wow I bet she's great in bed, but when are we gonna have some lunch together?

Anyhow she never replies when I ask her out, but still she wants to talk about what a catch she is and what her favorite things are and how waiting for her is a great idea.

No it isn't.

So as she tells me all these things she likes I reply that I'll try to remember, and those things she likes to do that I would love to set a date and do those things.

She's fucking this guy btw, not dating him, he's a crybaby and she's gonna dump him. SILLY ME, I fell for it, keep talking to her.

Anyhow, After she tells me all these things she wants in a man, and I tell her I think I can probably do most of that and work on the rest, I tell her what I want in a woman [sadly i can't give you exact details, remember, I've been half lying to this siren for about a month or two at the time] and guess what NO FUCKING REPLIES. and I'm like

Why am I talking to this pretty face if she's gonna be like a pretty picture on the wall? its just a dark haired woman with bricks in her scull and a 1000 dollar entry fee to her vagina. Plus I got to listen to this constant bs without talking for hours

Who wants that? is she really oblivious to how others feel about this?

I'm not sure what the purpose of my interaction was with her. When it started out I wanted to be her friend and SURE thats what she said too but the less I talked about wanting in her pants, the less I talked about how sexy she was, the less we talked.

Crazy right? So she did want to get it on it's just she couldn't say that, she didn't want to sound like a slut. The Mystery Method was made based on women like this one.

Honestly the woman disgusts me personality wise and I love the way she looks. In all honesty she probably isn't all that good in the sack, or she smells, or I will have to do all the work and treat her like some kind of golden prize.

Whatever the key to her nudity, I didn't jump at it like a fish hook.

Sorry about the dump, you got me thinking and it turned to thinking of you and our relationship. When I had the first momentary idea of spending time with you it was uncountably a sexual line of thinking. I heard a similar story about your boyfriend being kind of lame and the more I see of him the less I think you two are compatible. I'll never mention that again, you should stay with him for sure because once I started to persue you I realized that you and I are too close already for me to lie to you like I was this dumb bitch.

See I am attracted to who you are. Every good female friend is a potential relationship, the problem is that sex ends them. Eventually, in my experience, one person or the other changes or gets bored or whatever and wants to end the 'for keeps' stage of the relationship.

This just will not do. You and I will be friends forever and that is final. That girl Natalie? Didn't want to be friends, which cracks me up, and I want you to know that as I was speaking to both of you around the same time, you being very cool and more to my like in the way we communicate totally made me think I was wasting my time and attention on Natalie. I was like FINALLY a woman that I don't have to worry about playing dumb head games with, so THANKS and this entire thing I suspect is a bit awkward because of it's relative size but then specific points make it all the worse.

I tend to over think all things and as you can imagine, I have formulated more than enough possible replies that you could give me to this email, but in general I want you to know I am just dumping what I was thinking onto my computer.

Whatever use you find in me I am pleased to cooperate. Whatever I can be for you that you would like that I am not I would be up for attempting to be.

As for you to me, you serve as a kindred spirit, some female perspective, and a comfortable disposition of trust towards me that I enjoy. I would not betray you, and I suppose you teach me some things about patience, sneakyness, and wild abandon.

It's good. If you have problems maybe I can help. I'd love to help you move your stuff out to this new home with your man. I again urge you to keep him and work with him, good women and men are hard to come by and if that dude doesn't go off and bone random women, blow all his money [IF HES SAVING FOR A HOME PURCHASE] on dumb shit, living check to check, making a fool out of himself publicly, ruining things often in some uncontrollable way, I say he's alright. He's not fat or ugly, and any personality flaws you find within him are improveable, yet his core being can never be changed.

Just like I told Shea the other day, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence and I am here to tell you, if it is better, you wont think it is, you will know it. You will know it because it is always better when you are away from him. I know many women seem to 'hop' from one man to the next. If you break it off with this one, getting into a relationship right afterwards is a trap, you are just feeding sexual and emotional addiction to an idea that isn't really there.

It's fine to do that I suppose if you protect yourself, but doing it blindly will end up making you feel empty, looking back on some relationships and knowing that if you had just not been impatient lazy and selfish, it would probably last forever and be a great life to live.

I know instinctively that this is too long and that maybe I wont even get it to you. Welcome to my blog lol


  1. sounds like a standard girl playing "the game". either chase it or do what I do and move on to the next target !

  2. Maybe give it a little more time and if she's still playing hard to get, it's time to move on. Good luck!

    <3 Belly B