Friday, May 27, 2011

Latina Incoming

you had me devoid of so many things that I had now. I was starved for money starved for interactions and media. My addictions were impossible to sate, my computer system not even allowed on campus.

I am addicted to addictions of interaction. I am a media collector and I live in the fantasy of my mind. I lost focus and lost reason and went far away from myself trying to 'grow up' and live the american dream with something far from who I would say that I am.


  1. are u talking bout urself..? O-O this is too deep for me to understand xD

  2. I am addicted to addiction too!

    following and supporting!

  3. The media brainwashes us!!! Don't listen to it!

  4. I hafta side with Miyamoto. TOO DEEP!