Monday, May 16, 2011

'80 toyota pickup > '92 Ford F150 XLT Lariat

I cannot afford to accept this awesome gift that you have given me. I go back and forth saying it is ok but when I do the hard math it really isn't ok. I am in over my head and have sacrificed a good share of this month's earnings to the truck, mostly in fuel.

So I am asking for it back without hard feelings. I am planning on taking it back as soon as possible, after I clean it up and have it looked over by the mechanic to see if it needs over 600 dollars worth of major engine work.

Either way I don't want the truck. I don't want it because it is too much, it is too much for both of us but it is certainly too much for me to drive from winlock!

I also want you to take some time out and think seriously about taking on any other type of job. This company doesn't deserve you, I have come to respect you and know that you have far too many skills to waste them working here for such limited pay. You are self inflicting bullshit on your life that you don't need. Get out and work somewhere better, You owe it to your woman, the only person that I have met that honestly deserves you. Your friends don't, your family doesn't, I don't. Not really.

I am giving you too much credit, you aren't perfect. You blow money on garbage all the time and you don't really clean up anything in your house. Its all fine, I feel potential in you like everyone else does. It is hard to step up, but this is a single lifetime that you are living, this is the story you are creating that will be recorded for all time in history. It isn't worth anything much to anyone in the long run, but it is yours, and you have to live it better than this.

I gotta do my part and stop suggesting negative actions, negative vices for you to consume before it is too late for us both.