Saturday, May 14, 2011

days since we have spoken

This is dumb. We are hardly even friends and have no physical connection at all. This faggot is limiting my experience of you as a music lover and creating drama over a situation that doesn't exist.

I'll be here when your drama ends, unless you stick with him forever and he's scared I'll steal you away...

If we do start this back up, something that hardly even has begun mind you... You better make it up to me, you better give me presents and be sweet and loving and try to make my whole world filled with the awesome you are.

You better strive to be a great friend, not just some girl I know that gets involved with me slightly and fails to keep up a connection.

I am deep. I don't do much shallow talk, I don't spend hours talking about nothing, not usually. That's all we have done, and tho I do enjoy sharin music and giving you my little poetic adoration, I would hate to think such nonsense is keepin this poor fuck from sleeping.

So don't bother sneaking me text. I'm not a dirty little secret, I am just a guy lookin to get away from the computer for something worthwhile, which at this time you are unable to do.

You are very polite, and in my opinion have done everything you could possibly do to be in the right. I can think of no moment that you took any action that could be considered 'cheating'

Honestly your best reason for keeping my presence away from him was simply to avoid this drama.

It is drama and I hate it. I don't hate you, I do hate the fact that something worthless and unfounded could stop us from giving eachother little friendly smiles.

GOOD LUCK I'll go find someone else to adore <3 You on a scale of 1 to 10

are a solid 8. I hope you never have to work hard at anything. May your personality and beauty carry you to the finest experiences this world can offer you.

Bless you child, and bless all of those that you touch with your presence