Monday, June 27, 2011

Primary Fixation

She's back. The woman of my dreams that I only had for a week comes back into my life, meets my mother and resists my immediate advances.
Broken texts... unsent and still screaming in my mind...

--I miss your kisses and your look upon me. Be good beauty. I'll make time and space come to heel if you need them from me--

--I've been having a long talk with my heart to let you back in. I feel in love with your words and actions when you were near me but now that you are not here I feel a bit down. You are ah, addictive :3 you are stranded away from me. After coming to you can you come to me? I would love to pick you up at the train and take you home down--

--I will do whatever i can to help you help me get what I want. My goals include helpin you love who you are as much as i do, then gettin you to love me that much, then and only then can i convince us together that life is always better when we are one--