Sunday, April 3, 2011

whats a self centered old friend think when he sees you're single?

Wanna fuck? No but seriously you should contact Animal if you want your phone found. The guy is pretty easy to find i think, maybe not? But he should be able to find any shit bag you want. Haven't seen him for a  minute but I heard he's around.

Anyhow where are you? I'd like to see you and catch up. I was a bit shy to speak to you when I saw you before at the bar. I doubt you recognized me even, how could you? It's been a bit.

I live in Winlock and my life is currently polluted with all sorts of external horse shit but I will come into town and pick you up for a bite to eat if you will?

Can't remember a SINGLE fucking moment when you were a bitch. Why is that? I saw you say some mean shit to some people, that deserved it.

Seems you need someone around you that you can trust. I would love to do that for you. We got along fine, honesty and all that. I was so baked in HS I don't even remember why we seperated =| probably my fault.

Anyhow, I can't say I really got awkward issues or hidden agenda bullshit to throw at you, I don't need to get laid and I certainly have no intent of falling madly in love or making shit any harder for you than it already is, but to see you again might be really good. Not sure how many nice warm smiles and compliments you get in a day, but I have some for you.