Wednesday, April 27, 2011

maybe I will send this one

I do want your heart to kickflip and spin and sit and stay and beg if thats what you enjoy. Since you broke this barrier where you related about your current relationship I got to thinkin that I really do not want to get in your pants.

You are way too cool and way too beautiful to jump into bed with. Now as I told you before, we have chemistry. If you didn't pick that up, then it is a bit more work for me to show you that we are naturally very good friends.

But best friends? How could I know that? How could that be anymore than fantasy and desire at this point? How I would love to have babies with a natural tan, with your beautiful looks and my charming personality.

Sure, sounds great and I'll daydream about it because I'm a hopeless romantic type and I can't help it. But in reality rushing in will only weaken the chance for both of us to realize true happiness between eachother, within eachother.

So whenever you are ready, we can start doing friendly things of any sort. I am very easy to entertain and I love to help and be a strong man. I love eating and I do not enjoy the price of movies [I tend to steal them] But I love to drive a very long ways, even just for a beautiful view and just to listen to music. I love to sing and I am learning to love dancing even tho I do feel very rediculous.

Even if you lose this man, even if you invite me over into your bathtub and you are in there covered in whip cream I'll do everything in my power as a prudent individual to keep myself from falling into the trap of early passion that might ruin the beautiful slow development of a long term relationship with such an exotic beauty as yourself.


  1. I don't know what I would say if someone sent me this.

  2. maybe you should send it.. but then again I'm far from an expert when it comes to women.