Thursday, April 7, 2011

How many men do you think you meet that aren't already sleeping with someone else? Quite possibly one of the most boring parts of my life, I am constantly trolling for pussy. The idea of keeping a woman in this mode is almost zero.

I just now really came to that conclusion. It gets worse, if I stop having sex it is ultimately going to drive my agression level through the roof. There are many solutions. I can beat off. Sure, works really good for the short term, but after several weeks it just isn't enough.

From what I have gathered any woman really worth keeping takes more upkeep than just sex and nice words and dinner now and then.
There must be trips and activities, something those of us just having sex for the last 8 years have really come to neglect. Gotta get some hobbies, gotta get off my ass and do things for myself

But I'm NOT doing these things for myself. Gotta acknowledge that the only reason that I am going to do any of this is so that I can find a woman that I can KEEP.

Keeping a woman is alot different than getting a woman to sleep with you, it seems difficult but I see lots of people, DUMBER, and far less attractive than me with perfectly acceptable females.

How they do that? And what the fuck is my problem that I cannot seem to do that? Where did these lucky middle of the gene pool fgts find ok women when I continue to toss one away after another?

Again, what is wrong with me?

I know for sure that this is part of the overall problem. I am not in fact a horrible mess, but the longer I go on being single without positive reinforcement [hah, not just chicks at the bar saying 'hey handsome' but shit i believe from women of worth] the less hope of being paired I can hold on to.

My question is: why do you seem to think going without sex is gonna help you? Why couldn't you have sex with men the same way a man does, and just play with a boy till you find a better one, or several, while looking for mr. right?

What if you spend a year getting to know a guy, and he's shit in the sack? or his penis tastes terrible? I guess over that much time you would learn these things. And every girl likes to flirt, I assume you do some of that, I wonder just how far you go before you say 'stop'

What drives you to that point? You have been so close, and I wonder to myself if my intervention caused this severance or if you were seriously not very attracted to my dear friend?

I want to hear this for myself. If you are just not that into me or if the situation itself is akward. There are plenty of variables all of which are impossible to really get into without interaction from you, which is why i post this here, then call you on the phone


  1. Hello!!!

    I like posting from this morning!!!

  2. Tbh I'm a virgin so I have no experience in this field LOL

  3. Being ugly and unpopular, it wasn't my choice to wait. I'd be pretty slutty if I were cute I think.

  4. you're just being a typical guy....