Saturday, April 9, 2011

I did not send it to you because you were not here. Another woman got it, and I did dump it on my blog for review.

The basic jist of it was me going on about how stupid addiction to sex has made having a good strong foundational relationship of any sort with anyone you are attracted to.

I asked one simple question. Are you currently celibate? I am getting pretty fucking close. I can hardly take care of myself properly, keep my beard trimmed and room clean [tho my bills are all neatly in order] let alone interact with another human being in any full on manner.

Chasing women makes me sick. I'm sick of the shit involved. I don't want to take you out and feed you one bit. Not at all. I don't want to bring you here either, not for sex or movies [because I watched them all lol] and I am too poor to take you out for an activity that we will both find enjoyable that will be enriching and challenging AND fun.

I want to have you around sure. In all the ways I want a woman I can say I want you. I want to go to sleep holding you and wake up next to you and wake you with a good strong nibble on your clit.

Any woman worth having I want in this place.

I can't say it's even true for you and I, but at this time, and until proven otherwise you hold a place within of desire.

Most men I assume feel this way. These things you want out of a man? this adventure and such? You should really come up with some stuff for us to do that involves this and I'll drive. You pay for everything and we can go, cause I'm poor as fuck, but look how handsome I am, and I will be very thankful and giving in every way that I can.

Wait, am I trying to play the pretty one? You are very attractive yes but we are in the same boat. I want to be single but I am very interested in no longer being single and instead spending good effort with one other person being happy and becoming even moreso and even more than that growing together and becoming stronger.

Maybe I'm wrong. Rum hits fast.

I'm not having sex with anyone right now, not for weeks even. Not even trying. As fun as it is, as fantastic as I am at it, there are just not candidates worth taking and giving the experience atm. I'm not gonna go out of my way, compermise my personal preference of company to get my dick wet. Not that important.


  1. I always get the general sense from your blog that women are bitches. I don't think it's wrong.

  2. I agree with you Inhia, chasing women is not worth the risk, just continue on with your life.

  3. Girls are mind!@#$ never chase girls, let them chase you :)

  4. 2D women are sounding really appealing right about now....