Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother is coming to Olympia on Monday. Wont see her without the Jeep. Really wish you could get your vehicle needs handled this weekend and get it back to me till the truck deal finishes as planned. Hard to let you complain and not react. What if that piece of shit Toyota breaks down and you aren't 20 minutes away? Back where I was when I needed the Jeep.

Tell me you can make it without the Jeep till I have this Ford. You can bitch about it to me all you want, I'll listen. I want to. Haven't heard your voice for how long? Your texts are mad then silence.

What the fuck man? Friend time is over for now? Caught you at a bad time you said, but since then hasn't been much better.

Can't you give me a bit of your time and make me feel a little better? Just a few minutes of your day to talk to me would be cool, I don't mean to bother you, I wanna hear about how it is without the Jeep and say I am sorry and understand where you are coming from.

"cold silence has, and always seems to atrophy any sense of compassion...........I know the pieces fit............"

I really was only trying to see the bright side of a shitty situation, I knew this would be hard on you