Thursday, April 7, 2011

So I was thinking as I always do
about this
and i was like 'why girls who dig me say they want more stop sleeping with me and whoosh away
see its too late. the girl is mad and doesn't want to come round me because just like me she wants to fuck all the time. It is essentially too late to change that
but they say it
any woman worth keeping, that thinks i am worth keeping is eventually gonna be fucking pissed
eventually she's gonna be like 'i want more from this man and he's treating me like a whore'
its true
but then comes the real problem. What do? What are these meaningful things that a woman wants, how does a man grow up and take responsibility for the change
because we are as usual stuck in the same mode, happy to go along our day doing the same old shit, stubbornly waiting till its too late and then trying to find a new girl and repeat the process
THIS TIME rushing everything to get to 'the good stuff' and falling into the same pattern being left once again for treating a girl like a piece of meat
At least in her eyes
A man doesn't see it this way. A man sleeps with a girl yes to enjoy her but again, he wants to sleep with one that he wants to keep
the problem seems to be that the only girls that will sleep with him are the ones he doesn't want to keep, leading him to smile and hold back his true standing so that he can get a piece, but what?! hes doing this while he's waiting for the one?
and terribly untrue
the one isn't gonna be chill while a man continues to tolerate stupid women that open thier legs and can't keep thier mouths shut
just not how it works, the dumb girl opens her legs because its all she has to get attention and keep power or influence over her world
so you struggle to find other ways to feel alive
sex eventually isn't enough
its like the next level of the game
the game was easy in highschool you get laid and you make fun of girls
not so easy anymore
It's a growing up thing. I'm sure of it.
yah i know
epic shit
maybe more later

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