Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No really

it's only a matter of time. I can see what is coming, I'm no fool. The desire has caught on and like a wave it will grow. The care it takes in not rushing something and going past the point of truth to a dissolution of want and impossible growth is vital. I will not say that I love you and must have you, that if I am not with you I'll die and I can't make it. I wont pester and beg even if I want to, because I want to dammit.

My whole life is an empty bowl. I have made it so wide and drank up all that I had, discarding the poison. It's nice but I have never been much for being alone. Alone is not what this is. The void is filled with a few people, none of them potentials.

There will be an honest draw towards making solid ties, becoming more than we probably should be. It is natural and we can talk about it as it comes on, but all real choices between us should come slow. Say 'Lets think about this for awhile before we really agree upon anything k?' and everything will be alright.

Passion, Lust, Intensity.... There will be devine moments but life is not without balance. The longer I remain empty the more delicious the taste when I am being filled. So many songs come to mind!

I'm hesitant to take on the appearance of a stepping stone for you, there is that deep desire to do so, to try bending your perceptions to get what I want. Honesty is the crutch of a very alone and unhappy man, but honorable....


It is a growing secret. A hidden journey that I am trying to create for us, like a seeker of hidden knowledge we can delve into energy works and yoga practice between us forming a connection to the occult and sharing what we discover and learning about it together. Some things are so much easier if you just have another voice to agree with you and bounce your crazy ideas off of..


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