Tuesday, August 30, 2011

most wonderfully irritating man I have ever met

you make me feel small. I like that =) Very rare talent. You seem
terse and wise. I hope you feel this way interacting with me. People
[jerks] treating you immature, like a child when you are in my eyes a
woman grown and sometimes quite brilliant.

I don't however, feel you are doing so well. Doing well retains and
multiplies those little pieces of money. Empowered and mobile you are
solid and standing strong even when alone. Holding a job, maintaining
health and good running vehicle, you do as you please.

That in my mind is you doing well.
Hate seeing you in chains myself. 'Grounded' so to speak.

Back to being irritated with me =) hope not. Just giving you my perspective.
Whatever you are doing, I assume you are doing it wrong

On the other hand. It is not easy to acquire a job and so many things
are out there to drag away your dollars.
Maybe you hear this song and dance from someone else
Reminders to you with your reply shouting "i know this already"

Maybe not.

I'll try again sometime to see you. Rare that I make it so far north.
I feel lost up there, but I know time and exploration will yield many
places of interest.
Problem is people, I don't make new friends, thus the emptiness of
being surrounded by individuals swallows the experience, without
someone to share it with I suppose the value for me is greatly
diminished. I'll have to work on that, do you have any ideas?

Beautiful good luck to you this week. Your voice, even tense as it was
and hurried was music to my ears.


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