Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My truck was a total mess. With winter hours and job rates setting in there are 3 major things I need to start doing:

1. File for unemployment
2. Keep the shop clean
3. Seek Cash employment opportunities

This means cleaning out the gutters at my parents, grilling everyone for anything I can do to help out and get paid, luckily there is a vast system in place.

The hardest is unemployment. I just have trouble with the questions... Luckliy I have a friend on unemployment that can help me out with it.

The rest of my life is pretty fantastic.

I finally made public my union with this woman. She really had altered everything for me. Mainly I never blog anymore. I seldom do so many things that would take my time up because now she takes up that time. After this Spring she should arrive and my hobbies will be more interactive. This is a small project for her. Adobe Photoshop tutorials shall maybe ensue as future projects that I am learning on here but IDK hard to get motivated.

I am fighting a horribly long winded cold virus at this time and it makes me rage. Videogames also make me rage. I play so many different champions on League of Legends and it just is not that much fun

I could be anythinging else and be more productive. Not all that important but it would be nice to generate some more income.

Saving has started. I wonder what the difference is between Key and Sterling savings. Chase and American Express, Wells fargo and GE Visa Mastercard all these money lending corporations and there is no clear leader. All have different pros and cons but what are they? is there a comprehensive guide out there somewhere?

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