Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enemys again?

I will never try to take Mara from you, I will never tell her you are bad or wrong. I will never tell her I know better than you [because I do not] I will never tell her to leave you and be with me. I will never lie about my financial status to keep Mara from getting what she needs. 

I am secure in my home and work life. I maintain the same phone number and my location is always going to be available to you. Please do not worry about any foul intent.

If you have any other fears or concerns please voice them. Do not hide from me, do not decide that I am plotting and do not plot against me. I would always rather not be your enemy.

Take time with this. Close the gap that has come between us. Work through the troubles that have come to pass. I mean you no harm. If you cannot see that, I cannot convince you alone, you must be willing to understand and see it to be true.

Your house is very nice, your boyfriend is very sweet and polite, Mara has her own room and tons of toys there. I hope you can find some way for her to make friends in that neighborhood. She needs more friends her age!

She is so polite and most times she knows what she needs and tells me when she needs it. You two are doing a great job in my opinion. Thank you for getting to where you are. I hope it works out there. If I can ever help my home is available to you and Mara. I doubt it will come to that. You handle shit very well.

Be well and don't be a fucking stranger man

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