Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The rollercoaster of love.

It can be brutal. Might be better if we bred for genetic superiority and left love at the door, but that could never be. Love is about getting along, something two people seldom can do for any long period of time any more. I wish I could look around and see thousands of people happily married but it just isn't true. Of course I pass them in their homes every day on my way to work, but I do not know them, I don't have that affirmation of reality that there is a way. Somewhere along the way that great wisdom that allows a 50 year marriage to exist was lost. It is possible, does it really have that much to do with others? Or does it have more to do with myself, with yourself, with self work and the ability to accept and tolerate and grow with another? To not settle for less than you deserve, to not fall into this thing called love at every chance, but only slow and sure, with due care and caution, fully aware of the rewards and consequences before you..

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  1. I think its harder to hold down a 50 year relationship with divorce being at 50%. But i try and remain optimistic. both my great grandparents, no doubt it was hard and still is hard