Friday, December 28, 2012

I was going to repost, but honestly I don't want to share this with everyone. You are very sweet on the surface, the place where you and I mostly interact. You must follow your core needs first, strip everything away till you are getting simply what you need and giving what you can in life then build on that and don't allow yourself the insanity of outside influence. You naturally will flourish with what you need and naturally sicken when you experience and do what you do not need. Learn, Grow, Adapt, Conquer.
She just needs the love of a great looking man that works hard and wants to pay her to be artistic all over the world. I'm sure he exists just to make her happy and that someday he will fall out of the sky and she will realize that her deepest needs are the greatest passion of another individual. Keep the path, be true to yourself and settle for nothing less than you believe expresses and supports what you are and what you desire to be. Anything less and the world around you will punish you, it will be cruel and it will lash out at you for your sin against yourself. Fighting against what you in truth need always leads to severe reality embroilment and upheaval of all of what you would consider 'every day stuff.' Take heed, turn away from Armageddon and walk the path of light.

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