Sunday, August 19, 2012

sorry I haven't been around. You two haven't been much harm to my life, it's my job. Killing me last week. Also staying in town when I can come home to my woman is difficult. I want to marry her, so I would like to talk to you and Rusty about how you went about it, how it has been, and if signing some legal paper is worth it in any way or if being together is enough. I hope things have been well for you two. Still a little mad at Rus for not coming to work with me those two days. I made money and it was ok, but I really want to spend time with him earning money, not just bullshitting around his grill. I don't know many gentlemen right now, not ones I feel are worth working hard with and sharing the heavy load of this world, but Rusty is one of those men. I never imagined he would grow up and stop being a shit. He was a real shit at first, I suppose we all were. I am proud to know all 3 boys, and I think you and your boy are very sweet. I'm writing you because I haven't, I'm writing you because I am sorry for being a bit of a troublemaker. We all have problems, mine might as well be my mouth. --------- Also I love to write. They call it a gift but I am too lazy to share it with everyone in a more constructive way than this. Be well. I will see you again, and your family 

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