Monday, May 28, 2012

After typing this wall of text I wanted to add to the top a standard
disclaimer. I am a long winded guy with too much to say. I don't want
to be a bother at all so this entire email can be summed up in a

I just realized renting of this house obligates me to make sure you
get ~1800/mo. When the 1st comes around and Vanessa has the money
chances are still high that I will print this lease and sign it, and
get that 1200 F/L/D on it's way to you. I am surprised by the total
price of rent but understand why when I think about everything that
this house gives a tenant. I would like for you to help me believe
that by moving into this home I am going to continue saving money
towards getting a place of my own much smaller and more affordable
than your beautiful home, not giving you more than I had intended in
cash overall, but hopefully helping you make this place worth even
more money for when I hope that you can eventually sell it and make a
sizable profit

What is your plan with this house? Are you ever going to develop the
back yard? When do you plan to clean the carpets? I have my part of
rent ready to go, Vanessa gets a lump sum on the first but will not
move in till halfway through the month. Once I affirm that my previous
arrangement with Allie is still solid [~400/mo + a share of util
internet etc] I will go ahead with my plan to move in.

I am a lazy man when it comes to these things, and very easy going. I
just want to be honest with you about my trust issues with other
people. I see Allie as a rare individual that I am 100% copacetic
with, she will always pay her bills and be polite. My girlfriend will
do the same, but who knows what these other individuals might do? So
far every time I have visited the house has maintained the beautiful
well groomed look I have come to expect, I hope that continues but I
can't kick the voice in the back of my head that says there is a
serious risk here.

The contract binds me to a $20,600 debt. I recognize that your risks
are far higher than mine and that renters have more protection/rights
than they should ever have, I just wish there were two more fantastic
roommates lined up to sign your lease.

How do we handle new tenants? How do I keep myself from paying more
than I verbally agreed to pay in the first place without rushing in
whoever we can find? I would be willing to sign a longer contract if
my payments were set below five hundred dollars. I would like this to
be my last rental. I want to buy a house within the next five years
and I am already kicking most of my extra money into a savings
account. If those rooms go empty it will eat up my savings and have me
looking for a second job.

400 x 12 is only 4,800 Travis, we can go ahead and add 100 to that,
make it 6 grand and that sounds like a much safer investment for room
and board. I have to have a serious talk with my girlfriend and with
Allie before I leap into something more than three times the original
projected amount.

Can you do anything to make me feel better about moving in?

And let me just ramble on here, awesome place! I do not at all like
the back yard but the deck is fantastic and 3 1/2 bathrooms a luxury.
No one seems to utilize that front entryway well at all, when you come
in the door it is just strange. I often feel like this generation is
moving into homes structured for an entirely different type of
culture. We live in our rooms, Vanessa and I, and spend most of our
time on computers. Sure we like to go outside and hike and dance and
travel but when we are working normal all week we just come home and
maintain. We don't spend time in the living room and hardly ever eat
as a family because we do not have a big family. This house suits a
man, woman and three children all through school and college. The only
thing it lacks is a fence and more parking. You assume the kids are
moving out some day, because there are only 2 spaces in the garage.

None of the bedrooms upstairs have decks! WTF MAN? Who comes up with
these house models?

Travis I want a deck for the master bedroom. Boy do I know a bunch of
fantastic carpenters. How are you financially? I would love to be a
part of making your investment worth more. I happen to be related to a
small local corporation. The Roof Doctor. It would break my heart if
you had some other guys roof this house or even fix roofing problems.
I have been at it my whole life, please don't hesitate to ask me to
fix problems in this field, please let me look your roof over when I
move in and for the love of all that is holy to you please do not ever
ever ever pressure wash it.

Terrible for roofs, cuts 3 years off of a 15 year product.

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